Catering Menus

Our menu suggestions include waiting staff, flowers, candles, table linen and room rental, (7 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends). Surcharge of 1 600:-/hour after.The rooms are available until 01:00 am. Snack bar and music close at 00:30 am.

Valid January -March 2018.




Karl Johan-mushroom- & Västerbottencheesecake with tomato- & thyme-vinegrette and roasted pumpkin seeds on a bed of
Mache salad
Lightly marinated and baked rainbow trout with shrimpsauce, served with a mix of rosted pumpkin and sugarsnaps
Chocolate mousse with fresh berries and almond biscuit

590:-/p  (527:-/p excl.VAT)





Seafood pie on a bed of salad, served with roe-slaw and roasted cherry tomatoes
Glazed duck breast with tarragon sauce and potato- & leek cake.
Served with garlic roasted haricots verts.
Blueberry pie with vanillasauce

675:-/p  (603:-/p excl.VAT)



Cold Jerusalem artichoke-soup with smoked side pork
Tournedos with shitake mushroom sauce, hot vegetables and rissolé potato
Cloudberry tiramisu

710:-/p  (634:-/p excl.VAT)



Skagen canapé, topped with roe, served on a salad bed
Rosemary- & garlic flavored filé of lamb, with red wine-sauce, potato- & and chèvre gratin and hot vegetables
Vanilla pannacotta with cinnamon apple and oat-chrunch

720:-/p  (643:-/p excl.VAT)


Coffee with truffles 55:- (49:-/p excl.VAT)
Coffe with chocolate cake 99:- (88:-/p excl. VAT)



Different types of bread served with cream cheese

Genovese sallad with mixed vegetables

Tomato- & Mozzarella pie served with salami

Marinated chicken with cucumber & basil yogurt

Baked salmon glaced with lime and soya, served with beansalsa

Rosted vegetables with rocket- & walnut pesto and grated pecorino cheese

580:-/p. (518:-/p excl. VAT)




Italien Cheese-platter

Gorgonzola, Tallegio, Pecorino Sardo, served with fig jam.

107 SEK (120 SEK incl. VAT)

 Coffee and truffles
55 SEK (49 SEK excl.VAT)

 Coffee and mini-tiramisu
77 SEK (69 SEK excl.VAT)

Coffee and Chocolate Cake
99 SEK (88 SEK excl.VAT)

 Drinks: see our beverage list.