Catering Menus

Our menu suggestions include waiting staff, flowers, candles, table linen and room rental, (7 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends). Surcharge of 1 500:-/hour after.The rooms are available until 01:00 am. Snack bar and music close at 00:30 am.

Valid Jan- Mar 2017.




Chanterelle- & Västerbottencheesecake with lingonberrysyrup and roasted pumpkin seeds on a bed of mache salad
Char fillet with fennel sauce and pea- and leek filled tomato, served with herb seasoned potatoes
Vanilla & Yogurt pannacotta with blueberry cover and hazelnut crisp

585:-/p  (522:-/p excl.VAT)





Shrimp-mousse with grilled scallop, dillcroutons and citronette
Duck breast glazed with 3 kinds of pepper. Served with cranberry cream  sauce and Parmesan- & root vegetable caserolle
Pear- & almond gâteau with custard

698:-/p  (623:-/p excl.VAT)



Broccoli Soup with tomato oil and marinated salmon skewer.
Served cold with homemade bread
Tournedos with thymeflavored Marsala gravy and Chèvre- & walnut timbal. Served with baked slices of potatoes and beets
Chocolate & strawberry cheesecake with roasted cashews and

665:-/p  (594:-/p excl.VAT)



Karl Johan-mushroom pie on Genovese salad with smoked venison and sugared blackberry
Baked cod, spiced with roasted peppers. Served with mussel sauce, potatoes tossed in butter and haricots verts
Cloudberry tiramisu with almond biscuit

715:-/p  (638:-/p excl.VAT)


Coffee with truffles 53:- (47:-/p excl.VAT)
Coffe with chocolate cake 97:- (87:-/p excl. VAT)



Different types of bread served with cream cheese

Genovese sallad with mixed vegetables

Tomato- & Mozzarella pie served with salami

Marinated chicken with cucumber & basil yogurt

Baked salmon glaced with lime and soya, served with beansalsa

Rosted vegetables with rocket- & walnut pesto and grated pecorino cheese

570:-/p. (509:-/p excl. VAT)




Italien Cheese-platter

Gorgonzola, Tallegio, Pecorino Sardo, served with fig jam.

107 SEK (120 SEK incl. VAT)

 Coffee and truffles
53 SEK (47 SEK excl.VAT)

 Coffee and mini-tiramisu
75 SEK (67 SEK excl.VAT)

Coffee and Chocolate Cake
97 SEK (87 SEK excl.VAT)

 Drinks: see our beverage list.